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At Flint & Fire Studio we offer a variety of creative services; we employ our artistic expertise to make art that intrigues, and produce unique designs that strengthen your brand. Art is our passion, as well as our business.


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Flint & Fire Studio is fortunate to be nestled between the vibrant urban metro of Denver, CO and the breathtaking natural wonder that is the Rocky Mountains. This prime location provides us with an inspirational edge, channeling the lively atmosphere of a modern, bustling city center and the organic untamed beauty of the wilderness into our art. As multiple artists, working in a variety of media our work spans a vast range of styles and subjects. One thing that is consistently prevalent throughout our entire body of work is an attention to light, color and detail. We here at Flint & Fire Studio are all perfectionists and it shows. Whether it is a wildlife photograph or a non-objective painting, the brilliant colors and light dance beautifully across the surface of the piece.


We offer both original fine art pieces as well as canvas and paper prints through our Etsy store and showings. We believe art should be attainable for everyone, with photographs, illustrations and reproductions of a select few of our paintings printed on canvas or paper.

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We have a beautiful selection of handcrafted wood products available at our Etsy store. The elegant craftsmanship is evident in each unique piece, highlighting the attention paid by our wood artist Elliot Sims to both form and function, giving his work the ability to add beauty to the everyday for years to come.

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In addition to our current art shows and offerings at our Etsy Store we also work on commission. We would be honored to create a unique piece just for you, contact us through phone or email and let us know what you have in mind. Many people find commissioning a piece of art intimidating, it doesn’t need to be; we will work with you throughout the entire process and begin with an estimate, keeping this a relaxed venture.

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Every company is unique, discovering the look that expresses what makes your brand special is why we are here. It’s about trusting your instincts and finding the perfect partner to help you create your ideal visual statement. We would love to guide you to find your distinct look.

We take a fresh and modern approach when executing projects for our clients in an efficient manner. We understand that you value your money and your time, so do we. With an understanding of trends, and the importance of aesthetics, our designs are intended to transcend time. Good design does not look dated over the years, but instead references an era, drawing up its greatest contributions to art and society. With this methodology, the look that we create with you will continue to be relevant far into the future, saving you time and money.

Our studio offers an array of design and creative services, including graphic, surface & package design. We use our creative talents & experience to build strong visual brand statements that highlight the unique services & products of our clients. From the initial brand building of logo design, color palettes, patterns, illustrations & photography to a brands digital online presence through website design & assistance with the visual components of your companies social media presence.

Whether it’s an expansive creative assignment such as brand building/redesign or a more petit project such as a one-page ad design, we take the time to give each project the thought and attention to reach quality results. Your needs are our priority and by including our clients throughout the design process, we ensure that the final product exceeds expectations. Budgets do not have to be a problem, we will work together to build an effective plan that balances your needs with your allocated funds.

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Contact us by phone or email to discuss your project; we’d love to learn more about you and your business. Be sure to include your design needs, time-frame & contact info. Once we have a good idea of how we can create the perfect design for you we will send over an initial estimate and we can get underway.